The Game Bird’s first month (and a bit)

Well, The Game Bird has now been out and about for a month and a half.

It’s been a pretty amazing time. The book has been selling better than I expected, and has even been getting some nice reviews on Amazon and goodreads – which is very pleasing! (Not that I was stressed of course. Haha, not at all. Definitely not).

Even better, The Game Bird has just picked up its first long form review and the review is incredibly generous.  You can read the entire thing on Mark Timmony’s site, but a nice snippet goes:

The Game Bird is a swashbuckling, stand-alone tale of high adventure and romance, set in a beautifully realised world. Walsh’s writing is rich in history and lore, which he uses to masterfully colour his world – never once letting the details overwhelm the story and to present us with vivid characters that leap off the page and into your heart.

To say I was incredibly pleased would be quite the understatement.

Mark has also subsequently interviewed me on the subjects of life and writing and things. If you’re interested, you can find the interview here.