Aidan Walsh.

I’ve loved fantasy and sci fi for as long as I can remember. My tastes have broadened as I’ve got older, but fantasy in particular got deep into my blood in the interim. If a religion could convince me that Middle Earth was heaven, I’d give them my dog.

I’ve just finished my first novel, a swashbuckling regency fantasy. My short story Reunification also recently won first place at Conflux, the Australian national science fiction convention.

I live in Newcastle, Australia with my wife, two kids, two dogs (Paul and Princess, the evil one) and a cat. In real life I’m a project manager for a telco. That means I run projects and look at endless piles of data and endlessly plot. Not demises.

When not writing I amuse myself by listening to west coast punk, reading about the Napoleonic Wars, playing and watching football (Stockton Sharks, West Ham United, Newcastle Jets) and gaming.

The one eyed part is ’cause I have, wait for it, one eye.

You can reach me at or on Twitter. 

I also blog at


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