Pitching your novel.

At Conflux back in April I had my first experience pitching a novel. Generally before I do anything like this, I have a bit of a snoop about the interwebs and do some research and prep. In this case, other than this really helpful article by Brittney Van Sandt and a piece on conventions by an agent Evan Gregory (so from the other side of the fence), I didn’t find much really great advice. Now having been through the meat grinder and come out alive, I thought I might jot down some notes for anyone else getting ready to pitch their own novel.

So first things first, how did I go with my pitching? I had five pitches all up. One was pretty poor (on my part), one so-so and three pretty good. That leaves me plenty of room for improvement, but it wasn’t too bad for a first crack.


And what did I learn?* ( this is longish, so for the lazy or busy, I’ve chucked a really quick recap in at the end.) Continue reading


Self publishing – an outsider’s primer.

A  warning before we start, hard data on anything about publishing seems pretty much impossible to find. Especially as half the chumps writing on the subject are either trying to scam your coin or defend their turf. So if you are expecting numbers, I’m going to disappoint you. Sorry.

What I have tried to do is summarise what I’ve learnt during my own reading about self publishing. Hope it helps someone.

So after this reading do I want to self publish Game Bird?

No. Continue reading